Anna Rachel Cook

Group tuition for home educated students (please note that the programme will be tailored for the group and each individual student will not receive a separate programme).

How it Works

  • Up to four Skype learners at any one time; 
  • Each must have a Google account to be able to access Google docs and access to Skype;
  • Lessons are delivered in a structured, formal manner with students completing tasks on Google docs for me to assess during the lesson;
  • Especially effective for groups of IGCSE students who are already confident readers and writers and who need to get 'exam ready';
  • Students will need to purchase one textbook ahead of the first lesson;
  • £30 per hour, payable in advance from one account;
  • This could work out at only £7.50 per student;
  • Parents/students are responsible for creating the group;
  • Limited slots available - please contact me for details 

IGCSE Group Tuition for Home Educated Students from only £7.50 per hour

Online English Tuition with a Difference