Anna Rachel Cook

Why this is Different

I am a qualified and experienced teacher and I am also a qualified Clinical Aromatherapist. My holistic training and pastoral experience have given me the skills to create bespoke academic learning programmes with an holistic approach. 

Holistic means literally, 'the whole'.

This means that I take the time to get to know you and your circumstances. In addition to your tailored tuition, I can create aromatherapy treatments if you suffer from exam nerves, anxiety or even PMT. 

I work on the simple philosophy that I am teaching young people, not robots. Everyone is unique and, if I can, I will combine my skills to help you achieve your very best.

Life can be tricky for young people. Amongst the flurry of teenage hormones, friendship groups and exam stress it can often be difficult for young people to remember to take time out and relax. Or, too often, their 'downtime' involves looking for long periods at a screen - not conducive to improving health!

Aromatherapy is the ancient science of using essential oils distilled or compressed from plant matter. Some oils have known therapeutic qualities that especially benefit young people at particular times of their lives. 

A qualified Clinical Aromatherapist can help blend treatments for diffusers, massage or the bathroom to help with anxiety; restlessness; ADHD; depression; sleeplessness; PMT and a whole host of other conditions. 

Too often, however, there is generic advice given (usually by sales consultants from various essential oils companies). Sometimes bad advice can lead to discomfort, skin irritation and I even know of one case where the lining of a user's stomach was perforated.

I have been trained on an IFPA accredited course and therefore can blend oils specifically for you. A consultation is required, as is parental permission for under 18s. Consultation is free.

Prices vary from £8 for a rollerball upwards. All manner of products can be created: bath lotions; rollerballs; massage oils; sniffer jars etc. Just contact me.

Academic Learning meets Aromatherapy

The Tailored Tuition Approach

Because I take the time to get to know you and your specific needs, I will create a programme of study that best suits your learning preferences, whilst still preparing you for your examinations (if required).

This is not an ordinary online service. I do not offer a generic resource to download but I create lessons and activities just for you. After all, you are unique. Shouldn't your learning be, too?

How do I do it? Well, I've had a LOT of experience in teaching all ages and abilities at all levels from KS3 right up to A Level. If I don't have a resource for you, then I create one. 

This is a highly personalised correspondence course. 

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